December 2015 UWIN seminar speaker Dr. Nathan KutzThe December 2015 UWIN seminar features Dr. Nathan Kutz, the Robert Bolles and Yasuko Endo Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Washington.  He will be giving a talk entitled “Neural processing, networks and desision-making: Integrating equation-free methods, machine learning and sparsity”.

The seminar will be on Wednesday, December 9, at 3:30pm, in Health Sciences Building K-069.  Refreshments will be served prior to the talk.

Seminar abstract: Neuroscience is awesome. It is allowing researchers from tremendously diverse academic disciplines (CS, EE, AMATH, PBIO, BIO, PHYS, etc.) to participate in rich interdisciplinary activities (especially at the UW) that are shaping our fundamental understanding of how sensorimotor activities and cognition function across micro- and macro- spatio-temporal scales. This talk is concerned with highlighting emerging methods from the mathematical sciences that are centered around a (networked) dynamical systems perspective of neuroscience. The integration of these various concepts (reduced-order modeling, equation-free, machine learning, sparsity, networks, multi-scale physics and adaptive control) are critical to formulating successful modeling strategies that perhaps can say something meaningful about experiments. These methods will be demonstrated on a number of neural systems. I will also highlight how such methods can be used to quantify cognitive and decision-making deficits arising from neurodegenerative diseases and/or traumatic brain injuries (concussions).