UWIN postdoctoral and graduate fellows recently took part in the first ever Washington Research Foundation Innovation Fellows Perfect Pitch Contest and Poster Session!  Fellows had 90 seconds and one slide to explain their research question, the solution they are developing, and the potential impact.  Pitches were judged by a panel of research and industry representatives.

The first place prize for UWIN went to postdoctoral fellow Gabrielle Gutierrez for her pitch on “The adaptable computer in your eye”, and the second place prize for UWIN went to graduate fellow Gaurav Mukherjee for his pitch on “Opening the hand: Restoring hand function after neurological injury”.

Additionally, UWIN’s graduate fellow Yoni Browning won the second place prize for best poster across all four WRF-funded institutes, for his poster on “Spatial representations in the monkey hippocampus”.

Congratulations to UWIN’s winners and all of the participants!