David Gire, UWIN faculty, winner of French/US collaborative awardWe are pleased to announce that UWIN faculty member David Gire has been selected to receive a French/U.S. collaborative research award from the French Embassy and FACE Foundation.  He and his collaborator Agnese Seminara (at CNRS in Nice, France) were awarded support from the Thomas Jefferson Fund, which aims to “support new collaborations and the most innovative projects between promising young researchers in France and the United States. The Thomas Jefferson Fund aims to foster forward-looking collaborative research in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences, of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and of Science for Society that addresses the most pressing global challenges.”

They describe their project as follows: “Animals constantly make decisions based on a large array of sensory inputs that inform them of their environment. Chemical cues bear a fundamental source of information, that all domains of life extract with sophisticated mechanisms. While different species use the sense of smell to tailor their decision-making onto specific computational needs, the neural architecture underlying olfaction is remarkably similar. To unravel the fundamental principles that shape olfactory driven decision-making, we target a connection between the physics of odor transport in the air and animal behavior during olfactory navigation tasks. We believe that physics, behavior and neurobiology will all be critical to decipher the sense of smell. No single researcher has broad enough expertise to undertake this effort in isolation, and we strongly believe that collaboration is needed to make progress.”

David Gire also recently won a UW Innovation Award in collaboration with UWIN faculty member Bing Brunton.