The November 2019 UWIN seminar features a talk by Keith Hengen. The seminar is on Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 3:30pm in Husky Union Building (HUB) 214 . Refreshments will be served prior to the talk.

“Long term computational stability in the brain (and 500 single units in a freely behaving mouse)”

Keith Hengen, Assistant Professor of Biology, Washington University in St. Louis


Neuronal computation is extremely robust across a lifetime. Our data suggest that the brain actively tunes itself to criticality, a computational regime that maximizes information processing. To address these types of ideas, we developed methods to record from 500-1000 single units throughout the brain of a freely behaving mouse. Further, we can follow these neurons for months without pause, allowing the consideration of complex, natural behaviors on ethologically relevant timescales.