Sanford and Joan Weill, donated money for the new Weill Neurohub
Sanford and Joan Weill. UC San Francisco

The Weill Neurohub is a recently launched collaborative research network with the purpose of spurring neuroscience research into brain disease and disorders. This collaboration is being funding by a $106 million dollar initiative given by the Weill Family Foundation. Former Wall Street financier Sanford Weill and his wife, Joan Weill, operate the Weill Family Foundation which has a continued history of support in neuroscience, with total gifts exceeding $300 million dollars.

The new Neurohub will combine the experience of three universities, as well as the resources of seventeen national laboratories overseen by the Department of Energy. The intent of this extensive collaboration is to forge and nurture collaborations between neuroscientists and researchers working in other disciplines to speed development of therapies for neurological diseases and disorders.

Neurohub will be headed by a leadership committee including representatives from all 3 schools, their neuroscience departments, and the Weill Family Foundation. The committee includes UWIN co-director, and professor of biology at the UW, Tom Daniel. The committee is looking forward to establishing, as Tom Daniel sees it, a “nationally unique enterprise — drawing on diverse approaches to accomplish goals no single institution could reach alone, as well as seeding and accelerating research and discovery. ”

The Neurohub plans on providing funding for faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students at the UW, Berkeley and UCSF working on cross-disciplinary projects, including funding for “high-risk/high-reward” proposals that are particularly innovative and less likely to find support through conventional funding sources. They will also be funding novel cross institutional projects in the “pillars” of neuro-discovery: imaging; engineering; genomics and molecular therapeutics; and computation and data analytics.

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