UWIN undergraduate fellow, Joey Ullmann has been featured in the Arts and Sciences Perspectives newsletter from the College of Arts and Sciences. Ullmann is a UW senior majoring in Biology and Psychology working as a student researcher in David Gire’s lab.

This work focuses on the exceptional neural capabilities of octopuses, as they do not have a centralized information processing system, instead spreading their decision making capabilities around their body. Each arm has the ability to act autonomy with millions of neurons dedicated to localized detection, with the brain getting the signals that are too large to be processed at the local level.

The Perspectives newsletter also touches on some of Joey’s field work, tracking and observing octopuses in the wild. He has participated in more than 30 dives as a scientific diver-in-training, and talks a little about the joys and difficulty of field.

Previously the Gire lab has been featured on Science Friday, and David Gire has received a French/U.S collaborative research award from the French Embassy and the FACE Foundation, as well as a UW Innovation Award.