Faculty Name Department Research Area
BairWyeth Wyeth Bair Biological Structure Computer modeling of visual cortical circuits
Andre Berndt Bioengineering Developing biosensors for optogenetics
BruntonBing Bing Brunton Biology Data-driven, low-dimensional dynamic models of neuronal networks
BruntonSteve Steve Brunton Mechanical Engineering Data driven dynamical systems in sensorimotor control
BuffaloBeth Beth Buffalo Physiology & Biophysics Learning, memory and navigation in primates
BurdenSam Sam Burden Electrical Engineering Predictive dynamical models for sensorimotor control
ChaovalitwongseArt Art Chaovalitwongse Industrial & Systems Engineering, Radiology Optimization, machine and statistical learning, big data
ChizeckHoward2014 Howard Chizeck Electrical Engineering Brain-computer interfaces, closed loop control, neural security, haptics, teleoperation
ChudlerEric Eric Chudler Bioengineering Neuroactive properties of plants to treat disease
DanielTom Tom Daniel Biology Sensorimotor integration and flight control
deLaIglesiaHoracio 2014 Horacio de la Iglesia Biology Neural and molecular basis of biological timing
FairhallAdrienne Adrienne Fairhall Physiology & Biophysics Adaptive neural coding
FetzEb Eberhard Fetz Physiology & Biophysics Motor control and brain-computer interfaces
FineIone Ione Fine Psychology Encoding models for visual prostheses
FoxEmily Emily Fox Statistics Bayesian approaches to time-series and longitudinal data analysis
FullerSawyer Sawyer Fuller Mechanical Engineering Insect-sized robotics, flight control in insects, millimeter-scale fabrication
GireDavid David Gire Psychology Neural circuit mechanisms of sensory processing and decision-making
GrabowskiThomas1 Tom Grabowski Radiology, Neurology Functional imaging and EEG of cognition
HorwitzGreg Greg Horwitz Physiology & Biophysics Cortical visual processing, optogenetics
KutzNathan Nathan Kutz Applied Mathematics Nonlinear dynamics and dimensionality reduction
LeeAdrianKC Adrian KC Lee Speech and Hearing Sciences, Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences Auditory attention, MEG, brain-computer interfaces
Arka Majumdar Electrical Engineering Developing nanophotonic technologies for optical information science and imaging
MoodyBill Bill Moody Biology Role of spontaneous waves of electrical activity in mammalian brain development
MorgansenKristi Kristi Morgansen Aeronautics & Astronautics Control and sensing methods for nonlinear and coordinated control systems
MortizChet Chet Moritz  Rehabilitation Medicine, Physiology & Biophysics Neuroprostheses for brain and spinal cord injury
OjemannJeff Jeff Ojemann Neurological Surgery Electrocorticography, brain-computer interfaces
Amy Orsborn Electrical Engineering, Bioengineering Engineering and understanding learning to develop neural therapies
PasupathyAnitha Anitha Pasupathy Biological Structure Neurobiology of visual shape processing and object recognition
PerkelDavid David Perkel Biology, Otolaryngology Neural mechanisms of vocal learning, production, and processing
PerlmutterSteve Steve Perlmutter Physiology & Biophysics Motor control, neural plasticity, neuroprostheses for spinal cord injury
PratChantel Chantel Prat Psychology, Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences Individual differences in higher-level cognitive abilities, fMRI, EEG, TMS
Hong Qian Applied Mathematics Stochastic mathematics and statistical physics of channels, neurons, and neural networks
RaoRaj Rajesh Rao Computer Science & Engineering Computational modeling, brain-computer interfaces
RegnierMichael Michael Regnier Bioengineering, Physiology & Biophysics Molecular and cellular mechanisms regulating muscle contraction
ReynoldsMatt Matt Reynolds  Electrical Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering Ultra-low power sensing and computation, RFID
RiekeFred Fred Rieke Physiology & Biophysics Sensory signal processing in the retina
RiffellJeff Jeff Riffell Biology Neuroecology and chemosensation
rokemariel Ariel Rokem eScience Institute Neuroinformatics
Rombokas_Eric Small Eric  Rombokas VA Center for Prosthetic Engineering and Limb Loss Prevention, Mechanical Engineering Sensory feedback in prosthetics, control theory, machine learning
RubinsteinJay Jay Rubinstein Otolaryngology, Bioengineering Biophysics and engineering of cochlear implants
Chris Rudell Electrical Engineering Low-power CMOS integrated circuits for neural interface applications
Ramkumar Sabesan Ophthalmology High-resolution functional imaging of the retina
Rajiv Saigal Neurological Surgery Polymers and biomaterials for treating traumatic spinal cord (SCI) and brain injury (TBI)
SatheVisvesh-1 Visvesh Sathe Electrical Engineering Ultra-low power digital and mixed-signal design
SheaBrownEric Eric Shea-Brown Applied Mathematics Nonlinear dynamics in neural computation
SmithJoshua Joshua Smith Electrical Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering Alternative sensing systems, robotics, wireless power, medical devices
SteeleKat Kat Steele Mechanical Engineering Engineering to empower human mobility
StoccoAndrea Andrea Stocco Psychology, Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences Computational models of cognitive processes, fMRI, EEG, TMS
TuthillJohn John Tuthill Physiology & Biophysics Neural coding of mechanosensation and motor control
Azadeh Yazdan Bioengineering, Electrical Engineering Neurorehabilitation using novel neural technologies
YeatmanJason Jason Yeatman Speech and Hearing Sciences, Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences Neurobiology of cognitive development and learning to read