UWIN’s last round of neuroengineering postdoctoral fellowships have been awarded.  See all funded fellows here.

Washington Research Foundation (WRF) Innovation Postdoctoral Fellows in Neuroengineering conduct research in a collaboration between two University of Washington laboratories, one with core specialty in neurobiology and one focused on math, computing, or engineering.  This builds a fabric of connections not made by the traditional model of one postdoc mentored by one faculty member. Fellows will interact regularly and become key members of a vibrant and collaborative research environment.

Applicants for WRF Innovation Postdoctoral Fellowships in Neuroengineering should contact participating faculty members to determine mutual interest.  An applicant may contact two lab heads to propose a project, or may discuss possible collaborations with a single faculty member.

There is also the possibility of co-funding between UWIN and another WRF-funded institute: the eScience Institute, the Institute for Protein Design, or the Clean Energy Institute. Candidates interested in a joint appointment between UWIN and one of the other WRF-funded institutes should complete the full application process for both institutes. In each application, please include a paragraph that clearly indicates the rationale and fit of a joint appointment.

Initially, applicants should provide the following information directly to the potential faculty mentors:

  1. Curriculum vitae
  2. Statement of research interests (1 to 2 pages)
  3. Contact information for at least two references familiar with your research and scholarly productivity.

Participating faculty members will nominate applicants for appointment as WRF Innovation Postdoctoral Fellows in Neuroengineering via the process described below.

Nomination Process

An important goal of the WRF Innovation Postdoctoral Fellowships in Neuroengineering is to bring talented investigators to the University of Washington.  Thus, strong preference will be given to applicants who do not already hold a postdoctoral/senior fellow position at the UW at the time of submission.  The selection process is highly competitive.

Nominations are accepted annually in January; the currently nomination deadline is listed at the top of this page.  Occasionally, nominations may be accepted at other times of year; if applicable, any other nomination dates will be noted on this website.

To nominate candidates, prospective faculty mentors should submit the following items to uwin1(AT)uw(DOT)edu as a single PDF document.

  1. Two brief letters of nomination from the two faculty mentors (1.5 pages maximum each), describing their plans for collaboration and co-mentorship of the prospective Fellow.
  2. The applicant’s curriculum vitae and 1-page statement of research interests.
  3. A brief description of the collaborative project written by the postdoctoral applicant, in consultation with faculty mentors (2 pages maximum, not including references).  Include information on aims, rationale, and a summary of the experimental approach and methods. The description should be written for reviewers with a general knowledge of neuroscience or neuroengineering, but who are not experts in the specific research proposed.  In addition, the Washington Research Foundation is interested in the potential for translation of the research to startups or intellectual property.
  4. Current research funding available to the mentors’ laboratories for supporting the research of the applicant.  NIH “Other Support” pages, or equivalent, are acceptable.
  5. Two letters of recommendation from references familiar with the applicant’s scholarly achievements and research contributions.  These may be submitted directly to uwin1(AT)uw(DOT)edu, but must arrive by the application deadline.  Letters will be kept confidential.

Completed applications packages should be e-mailed to uwin1(AT)uw(DOT)edu.

Applications are evaluated on: a) Fit to mission of UWIN, b) Quality of mentoring plan and collaboration, c) Qualifications of candidate, d) Research plan, and e) Letters of recommendation.

Funding and Support

WRF Innovation Postdoctoral Fellows in Neuroengineering are provided with full annual salary support of $65,000 per year for two years and a research stipend of $25,000 over the total period of the appointment that can be used for travel, equipment, software, undergraduate research assistants, or other research costs.

A second year of funding will be provided after approval of the faculty mentors and after verification of sufficient progress and participation in WRF and UWIN program activities. Pursuit of ongoing funding from other sources is encouraged and supported.