We are pleased to announce that UWIN has awarded new WRF Innovation Fellowships in Neuroengineering to two post-doctoral fellows, seven undergraduate fellows, and four post-baccalaureate fellows.  Through these fellowships, UWIN is supporting exciting research and collaborations across many labs and departments at the University of Washington.

The two new postdoctoral fellows, Dr. Miriam Ben-Hamo and Dr. Nicholas Foti, join the group of highly prestigious WRF Innovation Postdoctoral Fellows in Neuroengineering already a part of UWIN.  The seven new undergraduate fellows and four new post-baccalaureate fellows are the first class of undergraduate and post-baccalaureate fellows funded by UWIN.  These fellowships provide crucial research experience for young scientists.

In total, UWIN has now funded 23 researchers across 14 different departments in 3 different colleges and schools at the University of Washington.